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Notice Board

About Siri Sudassanarama Sadaham Monestery and Foundation

The Siri Sudassanarama Sadaham Senasuna is situated in a picturesque quarter, on high ground, off Pannipitiya Road in Battaramulla. This venerated institution was established under the patronage of Late ,Venerable Mirisse Siri Sudassi Thero in the month of Esala (May) 1934.Since its establishment 75 years ago it has achieved much progress and prominence under the able guidance of its current chief Incumbent Venerable Dr. Mirisse Dhammika Thero.

The calm and tranquil environment coupled with its silence and serenity, the Siri Sudassanarama Senasuna barely gives evidence of it being situated in the midst of a township. Whilst the institution has committed itself for the provision of offering religious services as traditionally practiced by Sri Lankan Buddhist culture, much prominence and emphasis is directed towards providing activities which help develop the path towards promoting Virtue, concentration and wisdom in its devotees. The implementation of observance of Eight and Ten precepts on all monthly poya days, the Saturday 7 am to 9 am Meditation program, the monthly dhamma gathering and discussion for young followers and the daily offering of medicinal herbs to the Buddha are but a few events conducted by the Temple to guide those who patronage the temple towards eternal bliss

Some of the other services include the functioning of the Sinhala Dhamma school from 7 - 12 am on Sundays and the English Dhamma School from 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm on Saturdays which are specifically meant to develop young minds of school children with a view of creating a disciplined and just society for the future

Sri Lanka faces much turmoil at present. We hope peace prevails soon in the country. lt is apparent that many in Sri Lanka live in poverty. As much as this institution spreads and promotes the teachings of the Buddha, it is committed to uplift and help those in need of financial assistance. The, “Paarami”, Association of the Temple takes much effort in developing and promoting educational, social, cultural and economic wellbeing of people. The award of scholarships to Medical students, year 5 Scholarships to school children, regeneration and development of Temples in less affluent areas in the country,

offering and attending to their financial and other needs, offering of robes and other essential items to village monks, procuring and donating furnisher and consumables to elders homes and orphanages, providing uniforms and amenities to school children, providing learning tools to pre school children, offering assistance to the sick by way of providing medicines and financial aid and providing dry rations and clothing to the poor are some of the main functions undertaken by the Temple.

The establishment of the Sri Lanka - Canada scholarship and social development society provides for the development and assistance to poor and down trodden children who have exceptional scholastic skills to pursue their education through funding provided by donors and well wishers. This is yet another noble project successfully implemented by the Siri Sudassanarama Temple.

The monthly gathering of young followers for which people of all ages attend is focused much on paying reverence to the Triple Gem, meditation and dhamma discussions which has gained much prominence and interest in society.

The Siri Sudassanarama Sadaham Senasuna is managed and administered to provide much relief and solace to the minds of people by its chief incumbent, patron and Adviser venerable Dr. Mirisse Dhammika Thero, together with ten venerable monks. The welfare of these monks is being attended to by a devoted committee of lay followers. While diligently making an effort by ourselves it remain our sole intention and purpose to facilitate to all, the teachings of the Buddha which was discoursed with much compassion and wisdom, to mankind.