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Bhaavanaa (Meditation) for the Agitated Mind

One with agitated mind is restless. Mind is attached to many intentions and often the mind and the body are located in different places. Thus, a person with an agitated mind may undertake object bhaavanaa to make progress. The Visuddhimagga explain 10 different object bhaavanaa methods.

They are the methods using the qualities of solidity, fluidity, heat, motion, blue, yellow, red, white, light, parichinna (combination of the stated qualities) objects.

Blue object Bhaavanaa:

Take a piece of round wood or cardboard of approximately twelve inch diameter and cover it with a blue cloth leaving no folds (blue object). Take this object to a quite place and keep it about a meter in front at eye level. Then sit in a comfortable posture in front of the object. Establish the virtues and focus the eyes on the blue object and think about it making mental notes of “blue, blue, blue” at a moderate pace. Repeat it after closing the eyes. When the mind is focused and Samadhi is established you begin to see shinning around the blue object. It appears yellow or brown at times. Continue this training with closed eyes. At this stage you are able to focus the mind even without the object. During Samadhi, you may see the blue object clearly. When Samadhi is established you begin to enjoy physical and mental relief, happiness, and peacefulness within yourself. This is a state that can be achieved, with determination. You should necessarily consult a master during the training period.