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Bhaavanaa for the Mindful of Delusions

When the mind is full of dilutions, one gets entangled in them due to ignorance. It does not enable one to understand or realize the true nature of things. There will be a high level of dissatisfaction about everything. Everything seems to be confused. Such an individual is in a perpetual state of restlessness, and regret. When one is dominated by delusions, the most appropriate type is the breathing bhaavana or anapana sati bhaavanaa.

Breathing bhaavanaa

“Ana” means intake of air, “Apana” means exhalation. Anapana Sathi (breathing) Bhaavanaa is the effort to establish Samadhi on breathing. This Bhaavanaa can be done in different ways. Here I wish to explain a method I think is more appropriate. Please read it carefully.

First Step: While breathing naturally, the mind needs to be focused at the tip of the nose where one feels sensation of air touching the nose. Make a mental count “one, one, one..” on each inhalation until its end. After mindful exhalation one begins the second inhalation. Whether to go by inhalation or exhalation is the meditator’s choice. The second inhalation or exhalation may be mentally counted as “two, two, two…”. Similarly one may attempt to keep the focus of the mind up to count “five”. A meditator may begin the 2nd round from one to six breathings; the 3rd round from one to seven breathings; the 4th round from one to eight breathings; the 5th round from one to nine breathings and 6th round from one to ten breathings. One may not attempt beyond 10.

In the 2nd step, a meditator may attempt to breath naturally but consciously and keep mental count from breathing in descending order which goes from nine to one and restrict counts down to five. One may not descend less than five.

This method of breathing bhaavana enhances the development of thinking and enables one to carry out tasks methodologically. One may find enthusiasm and courage in this process. Moreover, it enables one to realize and understand the true nature of the world and its co-existence by recognizing its delusional appearance.