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Dhamma school - English Medium

The English Dhamma School at Siri Sudassanarama was established in January 2004 to cater to children who follow General Education in English at international and other schools which do not have ‘Buddhism’ as a subject in their standard curriculum.

The need for a stable foundation in the teachings of the Buddha for children following primary and secondary education in English in Sri Lanka is imperative to the existence of a just and disciplined society. As such it was on an initiative of the Chief incumbent of the Siri Sudassanarama Venerable Dr. Mirisse Dhammika Thero that the weekly English dhamma School was initially established.

With humble beginnings in the year 2004, the school has since grown in to being one of the largest English Dhamma School for Children of ages between 6 – 16 years in the country. With over 800 registered students in 2008 and having grades from 1 to 10, the Dhamma School has received much commendation from international and local school as well as from parents. They see this venture as a socially important and productive effort initiated to bridge the gap which has since been overlooked by many quarters in today’s society.

The Dhamma School has a team of teachers who have devoted much of their time and effort voluntarily to see the management and operational functions of the institution. They have developed and published a series of text books for children of all grades in English almost in comparison to those which are published by the State for Children following the Shinhala Dhamma School curriculum.

In addition to teaching the syllabus developed by the English Dhamma School, it has many other events organized to develop faith and devotion in the Dhamma, of children, such as an annual ‘Mal Perahera’, ‘offering of Alms to devotees’, ‘Sil’ campaign and other associated functions including an annual prize giving ceremony, all done and accomplished with the support of teachers, parents and well wishers in the area.

The Siri Sudassanarama Dhamma School enrolls children at the beginning of the year. Children are enrolled depicting on the vacancies in the grade, excepting grade.

To enroll your child, simply fill in the application available correctly and hand it over to the office. Letters will be sent giving a time and date, for your chilled to face an interview by one of our teachers, to asses the understanding of the English language. If the child has a clear understanding of English the enrollment can be close on the same day.

Download the Application Forms - MS Word Format | PDF Format

Please submit your application forms to : dsenglish@buddhismforyou.org